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(Anime Figure TEIM) What's on the pre-order list right now?
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Well, because I have not done anything in a looooong time on here, I decided to do what everyone seems to be doing nowadays. And, that's show off their Anime figure pre-order list so far. I don't have that many mind you, but they are going to mean a LOT to me when they finally arrive here at my house :D

Max Factory's 1/7 Scale Tsumugi Kotobuki Waitress ver. 

As soon as I saw her on Good Smile Company's website, I knew I just had to have her. She is just so charming and lovable. I also looove her waitress outfit, the food and trays she's holding, her expression, colors, and how her shoes are all nice and shiny - almost looking polished right before she went into work at the cafe. She's going to be costing me $127 though due to that fact that shipping is going to be a nightmare on me. Coming from HobbyLink Japan, located directly in Japan, they don't mess around with shipping when it comes to FedEX. Ugh. But, she's going to be TOTALLY worth it. I mean, come on! How can you say "no" to that cute face and outfit? Max Factory sure knew how to tug at my heart strings with her. I can't wait for May because that's when she's being released. So, anyways, here's to her being as great as the prototype shots are! And, they sure look amazing to boot. 

Kotobukiya's 1/8 Scale Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko) 

I honestly haven't the foggiest as to exactly whyyyy I decided to pre-order her. Was it her outfit? Maybe. Was it her expression? Possibly. Was it the Anime, price of it, and the fact that she's a pretty darn good character? YES. Beating Kurino by a landslide in the character aspect of the Anime in my eyes, I decided to go for it all and just pre-order the figure. When I ordered her on AmiAmi she was literally only $58. And, being the height she is, that isn't too bad whatsoever. I was flabbergasted at the price honestly. They have her for 19% off still (20% at the time when I ordered her) , which is spectacular because she is only $73 at the original retail price anyways. So, go savings! And, well, a good price for a figure too. She comes out in June, so I can't wait till I have her in my collection. I am worried about her a little bit, though. The Kurino figure by the same company dulled down her colors (especially the hair) by a couple shades and I definitely don't want that to happen to this one. Also, her eyes can be improved. But, much much love to her dress and shoes. 

Good Smile Company's 1/8 Scale Hatsune Miku LAT-Type ver. 

I was literally pondering at the fact of pre-ordering her for hours on end. I just did not know if I truly wanted to get her or not. I kept thinking of getting her, not getting her, waiting for a long time, not getting her, getting her, not getting her, being indecisive, and then I FINALLY decided to get her because once again the price for her is good and she is just adorable. At the time of ordering, she was was only $57. Her glasses and microphone are removable so you can get the feeling of the original Miku design, which is pretty cool, but she just looks so much better with them and they really bring the figure together. I think she looks just adorable and younger then the original Hatsune Miku design and figure. It took me a long time to finally decide to order her, but I think I'm going to be very happy with her in the end. She comes out in August. I am sure that she'll look amazing when they finally release her to everyone, but I am just hoping that GSC will do a good job with her painting. In prototype shots on some blogs around the net, there are some spots that definitely need fixing. But, I'm not worried about it at all. Like I said, confident that they'll do a great job on her. 

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No one is probably reading my posts now....
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 ....and it's the sad truth. Oh well I guess. At least this is where I can just write and write stuff to make me feel better and exiting things that I want to remember. So, yep. And, I guess I am just excepting it now. Which, is completely alright by me :3

However, if you ARE reading me [maybe once in a while or glance] then THANKS EVER SO MUCH <3
You are one of my most favorite people on this entire planet ;w;

And, I am extending my condolences to alice_rm . I am very sad because she has become SOOOO busy with life that she just cannot get on here at all. And, well I was busy for a time but then I almost forgot to post. Soooo yeah. But, no one is probably reading this except myself or Leslie. So, yeah. 

Anyways...........I hope to have at least 1 or 2 readers still and to post something relevant soon. So, yeah. See ya later [again] <3<3

The Weeaboo and Otaku Tests
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So, hello hello! 8D

I haven't posted here in forever, right?. lol. I am going to change that right now, too. I also have a little treat for all my fellow Anime and Manga fans out there. Some tests that are going to help you figure out just how much of an Otaku you are and if you're a Weeaboo. But, what exactly are these terms? I am pretty darn sure that you know what they are, but just to give a little clearer insight of what I'm talking about.

Otaku (おたく / オタク?) (oh-tah-kooh) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, or video games.

How much of an Otaku are YOU? Find out at the official Anime-Otaku-Test here!

Weeaboo (a.k.a Wapanese) is an English slang used to describe a person (typically of non-Asian descent) who prefers Japan and all things in Japanese over one’s indigenous culture. The term is a successive mutation of “Wapanese,” a derogatory slur referring to western Japanophiles with a strong bias towards Japanese cultural and tech imports.

Or, you can find the complete listing of a Weeaboo/"Wapanese" person here.

And do you want to see if you're one? Take the test!Collapse )

And, yes. This is just a COMPLETELY random post. I thought it was entertaining so I wanted to post them. I am going to do a real post [hopefully] in the next few days so watch out for that. Also, take these tests because they are pretty fun to do acutely 8D

And, I got a 33% on the Otaku Test which makes me as full-blown Otaku with no point of return! Hahaha X'D
Oh, and I am NOT a weeaboo/"wapanese" person. I acutely am trying to learn the real Japanese culture and language. And, I don't think Japan is all pop-culture, anime, and manga at all. Plus, I only got about 20% on that test which makes me basically nothing of a weeaboo. So, yay! Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day/week/night. See you next time~

Group Trio
Synopsis: One day, Fuyuki Hinata has a premonition-dream that one day the world will fall into chaos and become crushed by an unknown entity that seems larger than life. The Hinata household is on fire and the entire Keroro platoon is encased in stone during the dream. Then, the worst imaginable thing happens...Keroro is completely obliterated. After the initial shock of losing his best friend and witnessing the demise of Earth itself, Fuyuki instantely wakes up to find no one but himself in the family living room watching occult DVDs and reading articles and books about Easter Island [obviously feel asleep half way through a documentary, most likely]. Alisa Southerncross then comes into the house unexpectedly and throws an ancient artifact at him, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the couch. He greets Alisa, comments that it looks like the sergeant, and she then says that he obviously likes the occult so she got that for him and leaves as soon as she came. Fuyuki realizes that is must be from Rano Raraku, the most famous quarry where half of the moai statues are still standing in Easter Island. Then, the Keroro platoon comes in and floods the entire house for a new invasion machine that has to do with water [which, all too often, goes wrong...]. Natsumi promptly orders the five of them to cleanup the mess right after the water drains. As Keroro and the rest of the platoon clean the underground base, Fuyuki finds Keroro and tells him about the statue Alisa gave him and promptly hands it to him asking about it. Keroro doesn't understand and Fuyuki explains that it's a "moai", a statue only found at Easter Island. Keroro thinks he's talking about Angol Mois, so Fuyuki hands him a photography book of Easter Island and Keroro flips through the pages as Fuyuki tries to question why Alisa would give him a moai. Being the greedy and deep-thinking alien that he is, he sees the beauty of the island and wants to take it for himself so the platoon can have an entire island as a brand new invasion base [complete with rocket and submarine launch stations!! >8D]. So, Keroro invites only Fuyuki on an excursion to Easter Island with him. Fuyuki agrees with much surprise, and in the dead of night with the help of Angol Mois they fly off from the house in Keroro's prized anti-gravity speeder. After a long time in flight, they run into a huge storm cell and are fearlessly chased by a ginormous entity flying in the air. The entity causes them to descend with a beat-up and irreparable speeder and eventually both fall into the ocean. Fuyuki wakes up to find himself and later Keroro have been found by two actual Easter Island natives named Io and Rana, whom are giving them food and accommodations while on the island. After this, Keroro gives Fuyuki an extra Keron badge so his mind will automatically translate from Rapa Nui to Japanese and communicate with them. In a brief conversation between everyone, Fuyuki and Keroro meet the "mana", whom are completely harmless entities of the natives from long ago. As well, Io and Rana are surprised to see that Fuyuki has the missing moai. Then, everything takes a turn for the dramatic and action packed as it's a race for the clock, the rest of the Keroro Platoon trying to find Keroro, and the salvation of Earth as AkuAku is bent on taking out human kind as we know it and continuing on the invasion of Earth.

More Keroro Movie 5 goodness under this [fake] cutCollapse )

Soul Eater
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I have finally caught up greatly to both the Anime and Manga! ;D
I am on Episode 39 and Chapter 78. Which, is acutely an accomplishment for me because most of the time I do not even try and finish a series all the way till the end. Only this series, Keroro Gunso, Toradora!, Baccano!, and Eureka Seven have peeked my interest enough for me to get completely exited about it and see it all the way till the end in a couple days. So, yeah. I am sure many of you like this series too. So, what do you have to say about it? :3

Oh, an extra note: whyyyyy Kidd?! *sigh* I don't like your new view on life ;_;

Keroro Gunso icon dump
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Nothin' but Keroro Gunso [Keroro Gunso X58]


More icons under the cut.Collapse )

I haven't been on here for a YEAR?!
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 Yeah, I have not been on here for soo long [A few days later that of a year]. And, so I am posting again! Yay, right? I just wanted to post saying that I not dead or anything ^^;
Just the stupid Internet Connection. I need to get a STEADY connection. AT&T have been jerks because they have not come to my house to fix it for a month or so :/
Anyways, I am graduating from high school realllly soon [June 17th]. I can't wait~! So..that's about it. I am going to try to get on here a lot more starting very soon. Well, bye bye.

:Find me here more until I start getting on here more, please:


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A cool little meme that I stole from yuriranch 

Ask me anything, anything it all; be it a question you just thought out of the blue of or something you've wanted to ask me for as long as you've known me. I'll answer it to the best of my ability, and then in that same reply I'll ask you a question too! You answer and then ask another question, or we can just leave it at that!

Don't worry. I wil always have a question. So, let the meme begin! :D


Keroro Gunso Super Movie 4: Crushing Invasion! Dragon Warriors, De Arimasu!
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As many Keroro Fans know, there is a 4th movie that has been released out into Japanese theaters. The movie was released during the Japanese holiday known as "Golden Week". Where kids get (and possibly adults) an entire week off. The holiday was earlier this month. And, now.....I CAN'T WAIT. I JUST CAN'T. I have been watching stuff on YouTube that shows actual footage from the short (each movie has a short) and the movie. IT LOOKS FREAKING EPIC. EPIC I TELL YOU!!! I just need to wait till someone uploads the entire movie and short here on the Internet. Gawd. I am SOOOOOOO exited for it!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF~
I want to watch it really, really badly ;_;
I mean Dragons?! AMAZING.
Just look at these for yourself and tell me that this movie is just going to be epic!!!!! X3

*The last two are advertisments during the credits of two Keroro Episodes. The first one has more footage from the actual movie. The second one is footage from the short, "Kero Zero!". Which looks amazing!!! Garuru is in it, too!! :D


Another movie that I am exited for this year is "Eureka SeveN: Pocket Full Of Rainbows".  It is the first official thing for Eureka SeveN for years (I think...?). Looking at the trailer, it looks pretty good ^^

The fact that it is going SO far away from the original Anime worries me. But, I still think it will be good! 


The First Meme
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The Essay MemeCollapse )


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