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Puuurty new account! & some updates for you
Group Trio
  Well, yes, I have a shiny new account! Isn't it wonderful? I couldn't stand how my account started to look. All drab and such. Plus, I have been having the same look for well over a year or two. So, it was overdue for a MAJOR overhaul, don't you think? c:

Anyways, what I have changed is:

-starting to go with an Ao No Exorcist&Elegant White theme
-completely updated my profile (user info)
-added a side bar with links, calender, and blurb
-edited my page & journal titles
-made my own pretty banner for my user info
-got a brand new layout thanks to silentevocation

But, still working on my own mood theme orz *sigh*

So, yep. I hope everyone (especially my f-list) likes what I've changed about it now ❤

  And, now for some updates. I have gotten a new kitten! He's just like my two-year-old cat, but, instead of a gray and white tabby/Norwegian Forest Cat, he's an orange and white tabby. It seems really silly, but, I've honestly always wanted an orange cat. Don't know why - just did. Socrates is the gray and white one, while Orion is the orange and white one. Unfortunately, though, they are not getting along as much as I would like. But, I think they're getting better at least. So, it's a start I guess, right? Also, I guess I might have missed getting classes for the Fall semester - possibly. S**T.  My new job has distarcted me, and I also have had a hold on my account for some time so I can't even register for classes until I get it dealt with and I completely forgot about it. So, I need to stop procrastinating and see if I can still get something in terms of classes. But, I'm not TOO worried about it. Bleh. Anyways, I'm getting bored right now so I'm going to be writing a review for Usagi Drop (Manga) because it's bugging me and I do want to write a review since the last one I did is pretty old now. And, well, I feel like it. Hahaha. As well, the video store down the street from my house is now going out of buisness so the owner, who's been living inside the used-to-be porno section for months now thanks to the divorce from his wife, is selling the ENTIRE contents of his store. Every game, VHS, and DVD. Old DVDs are only $3 and newer ones are $7. I know for a fact he has Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, a DVD set of Ghost In The Shell S.A.C, and Metropolis. So, I'm going to go there tomorrow and pick up at least Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence and Metropolis while me and my Dad are out doing errands. I am going to look for more, of course, but those are my goals for tomorrow. 

  Well, that's about it. So. if anyone wants to talk, go ahead and comment below! See you later~


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