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"My Dreams And Tomorrow Are Collapsing"

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Ahhhhhhhh man - awesome things that I can't get to!
Group Trio
Well, according to the official  ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D website and a certain person over at aonoexorcist who freaking has tickets for free and is offering someone to go with them, ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D is having a concert in Shibuya tomorrow and it should be amazing!! However, keyword  - Shibuya. You know? Japan. *sigh* I would never even dream of getting to Japan in the next couple months, but tomorrow is just out of the question. I guess I'll just go unto YouTube and watch some videos of their PVs over there and try to find some of concerts and watch as my spirit is crushed for a while.

So, oh well. Maybe someday, like at AnimeEXPO perhaps, I can actually go to one of their concerts and it will be epic! I mean - at AX2011, I watched: Hatsune Miku, Kalafina, and Nirgilis. So, why not next year or sometime after that, right? c':

Anyways, this is pretty much the only little 'rant' I wanted to randomly post. Because, well, it's so amazing and there's no definite possibility that the band will even come here to America - and, AnimeEXPO for that matter. But, it's nice to dream, right?

P.S: Can you believe that the person giving out the free ticket can't even find someone to go with them? Unbelievable!


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