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*whistles* Updates?! And - Ao No Exorcist Has Taken Over My Life?!
Group Trio
 I don't know if it's the song I'm listening to (A-Ha : Take On Me) or if I'm just getting into a good mood (finally!) again, but - I'm just really giggly and happy. I guess it was just a really calm day and the awesomeness that is 80s music&music videos ='3
Anyways, klnfglkgdlgkjdglkfj - GOT A JOB. FINALLY. ♥ That has been bugging me for at least a frickin' year now....ever since I started college I think. I'm pretty sure at least. Anyways, it feels really awesome to have my own desk at work and also to have people recognize my existence to help me learn everything I need to know until I get a hang of building the products&parts in the lab and also be able to test everything for accuracy, correct productivity, and just generaly before it gets shipped to their respective companies since I'm such a derp&n00b there right now. Haha. But, now, seriously - this is a HUGE deal for me. I was so ecstatic when I as taken into the CEOs office and offered an internship - my heart fluttered and all I could do was nod my head in aggreement and answer in small sentences. I was so surprised and happy! So, after my internship, I will become a full employee in the company! I even have a desk already and it's been confirmed that if I fully complete my internship, which I am determined to, then I might be the companies' "technical writer" and "electronics technician" (I write manuals for all of our equipment so that when we send them out they will have everything they need to know and our copyright information and then also build our equipment as well). So, ubbbbbber exited x100. You guys have no idea how much this takes off of my chest! I literally feel so much better it's not even funny. So, in conclusion - wish me luck as I go to work and my internship, yes? c:
And, college is starting back up on the 22nd. Ohhhhhhhhhh joy! *sarcasm intended* While it is no secret [at least to people who know me irl] that I took the summer off this year for some rest&relaxation. I really needed it, and with the new job/internship secured, I feel ready to get back to the books and going to classes again. I was just so tired and annoyed at everything that I needed some "me time" once again. And, well, I got it. So, yay! I need to sign up for the classes soon, though. lol. I also don't feel like a sloth anymore, too...
Finally - yeah. Ao No Exorcist has taken over my life. After the utter horrific and terrible ending to Keroro Gunso - which, leaves me so disappointed I don't even want to bother explaining it because it will bring sad&painful memories - I needed a new Anime&Manga to oggle at and idolize as a great series. I came across Ao No Exorcist in the spring Anime 'catalog' last year and I was intrigued by the promotional picture the creator decided to put on there - a render of this picture of the main characters. I was honestly intrigued by Rin's character and the storyline - a son of Satan? Wanting to kill his own father and also exorcise his own kind by becoming an Exorcist himself? I loved it, and the artwork was good. So, I researched and eventually started reading the Manga. And, it was good! Excellent in fact! Then, the Anime came and more chapter and episodes came and now I effin' love it will all my heart ❤
 Anyways, if you haven't seen or read this series yet shame on you because you'll absolutely love it and it's so good it'll be a breath of fresh-air from the series of today then here are some lovely links for you to watch and read it (plus some little goodies as well). I guarantee you'll love it or at least like some aspect of it all =3
~Official Japanese Site! 
P.S: In love with RinXShiemi right now. After chapter 26 and episode 16, I really think they have a chance now! I love it - lol. And, they have a lot of cute pictures on PhotoBucket now ^w^ but watch out for yaoi themes and -esque pictures. Rin making out with Bon and Shima. lol. 

P.S.S: I am working on a project right now. All I will say is mood theme

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