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*whistles* Updates?! And - Ao No Exorcist Has Taken Over My Life?!
Group Trio
 I don't know if it's the song I'm listening to (A-Ha : Take On Me) or if I'm just getting into a good mood (finally!) again, but - I'm just really giggly and happy. I guess it was just a really calm day and the awesomeness that is 80s music&music videos ='3
Anyways, klnfglkgdlgkjdglkfj - GOT A JOB. FINALLY. ♥ That has been bugging me for at least a frickin' year now....ever since I started college I think. I'm pretty sure at least. Anyways, it feels really awesome to have my own desk at work and also to have people recognize my existence to help me learn everything I need to know until I get a hang of building the products&parts in the lab and also be able to test everything for accuracy, correct productivity, and just generaly before it gets shipped to their respective companies since I'm such a derp&n00b there right now. Haha. But, now, seriously - this is a HUGE deal for me. I was so ecstatic when I as taken into the CEOs office and offered an internship - my heart fluttered and all I could do was nod my head in aggreement and answer in small sentences. I was so surprised and happy! So, after my internship, I will become a full employee in the company! I even have a desk already and it's been confirmed that if I fully complete my internship, which I am determined to, then I might be the companies' "technical writer" and "electronics technician" (I write manuals for all of our equipment so that when we send them out they will have everything they need to know and our copyright information and then also build our equipment as well). So, ubbbbbber exited x100. You guys have no idea how much this takes off of my chest! I literally feel so much better it's not even funny. So, in conclusion - wish me luck as I go to work and my internship, yes? c:
And, college is starting back up on the 22nd. Ohhhhhhhhhh joy! *sarcasm intended* While it is no secret [at least to people who know me irl] that I took the summer off this year for some rest&relaxation. I really needed it, and with the new job/internship secured, I feel ready to get back to the books and going to classes again. I was just so tired and annoyed at everything that I needed some "me time" once again. And, well, I got it. So, yay! I need to sign up for the classes soon, though. lol. I also don't feel like a sloth anymore, too...
Finally - yeah. Ao No Exorcist has taken over my life. After the utter horrific and terrible ending to Keroro Gunso - which, leaves me so disappointed I don't even want to bother explaining it because it will bring sad&painful memories - I needed a new Anime&Manga to oggle at and idolize as a great series. I came across Ao No Exorcist in the spring Anime 'catalog' last year and I was intrigued by the promotional picture the creator decided to put on there - a render of this picture of the main characters. I was honestly intrigued by Rin's character and the storyline - a son of Satan? Wanting to kill his own father and also exorcise his own kind by becoming an Exorcist himself? I loved it, and the artwork was good. So, I researched and eventually started reading the Manga. And, it was good! Excellent in fact! Then, the Anime came and more chapter and episodes came and now I effin' love it will all my heart ❤
 Anyways, if you haven't seen or read this series yet shame on you because you'll absolutely love it and it's so good it'll be a breath of fresh-air from the series of today then here are some lovely links for you to watch and read it (plus some little goodies as well). I guarantee you'll love it or at least like some aspect of it all =3
~Official Japanese Site! 
P.S: In love with RinXShiemi right now. After chapter 26 and episode 16, I really think they have a chance now! I love it - lol. And, they have a lot of cute pictures on PhotoBucket now ^w^ but watch out for yaoi themes and -esque pictures. Rin making out with Bon and Shima. lol. 

P.S.S: I am working on a project right now. All I will say is mood theme

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8D I'm glad you're happy about it!

/squees with/ It's not my favorite but it is definitely worthy! XD I'm enjoying the manga! Wow um favorite hmmmmmmm you know I never really think of a favorite when I'm reading! LOL I guess if I had to pick, maybe Shura! XD She's pretty crazy sometimes! I totally LOVE ShiemixRin! They're sooo cute together! A lot of people are into the brocest -_- I'm not into that lol

I just like their competitiveness with each other. XD Plus I think she could loosen him up a bit. But yeah he does definitely seem to be married to his work! XD

Hahahaha - sorry. I totally fangirled right there! >w>;;;

*double squee* And, awwwwwwww - but, at least you deem it worthy! I'm sure that they're people there who wouldn't even give a hoot about it. And, that's so sad if you think about it. *sigh* Why do I love it so much? Who knows? lololol. But, yay, you're enjoying the Manga! It's great do you think? I mean, sometimes with today's series, it's a nice change of pace. Even though the Anime is totally giving it cliche shounen aspects *grumble*

Shura is totally crazy! I mean, if Shiro didn't save her from where she was as a kid, who knows where she would be right now! But, yeah, she's pretty hilarious while drink if I do have to say so myself. And, I love it, too! So cute, ya know? ♥

And, yeah, totally not into RinxYukio either. I mean, I just don't see it at all! But, meh. People will have their own opinions and pairings and so I say just let them like it because we don't have to *head nod*

I do like their competitiveness with each other, too. And, Shura really does need to loosen him up! Maybe she will in the future, right c:


Oh yeah I definitely like the manga! 8D But Cowboy Bebop will forever and always be my absolute favorite anime! ^_^ Oh yeah it's definitely a different read! XD And I like all the characters! And where the story is now in the manga... DX BON OMG I FELT SO BAD FOR HIM!

Yeah she's definitely cute! But I like that she can be serious too. LOL Maybe we will get to see her loosen up Yukio... I think she could and he could probably make her take things more seriously! LOL

Yeah if there's a possibility of a pairing SOMEONE is gonna like it. LOL I mean in Soul Eater I totally pair Black Star and Excalibur! LMFAO not romantically or anything like that but I just think it's so hilarious whenever they're around each other! 8D

YES, Ma'am! owo

And, awesome! And, I have seen a little bit of Cowboy Bebop. It was pretty awesome! However, I need to continue watching it *sigh* Sometimes, I just fall out of series and then I get hooked on another series and am just so engrossed into it I kind of stop reading or watching other series until I finish it. But, with AnE, I don't think I will be 'over it' for a very, very long time orz. And, it really is a different read entirely! The characters are all awesome, and I like all of them as well. And, oh man, I need to re-read the entire Manga. I feel so out of the loop. But, it's mostly due to Kazue and the magazine that publicates it. Did you know it only comes out once a month? For every chapter? Sometimes, I get so annoyed, but then I know I just have to be patient for a chapter until someone scans the chapter and then a fan-group translates it for us. Just a little longer............

And, Shura can be badass at times! But, I meant about ShiemixRin being cute - not Shura. But, it's a moot point so yeah! Anyways, I sure hope she will loosen him up! But, there's been a hint/fore-shadowing about Yukio in the latest Anime episode. OMG. Have you watched it?!

And, yeah, they would make each-other balance out with work. So, it'll work out in the end~

*sigh* Exactly - if it exists, someone is going to like it, ya know? lol. And, LMAO. Black StarxExcalibur! If that isn't the craziest pairing I've ever heard! But, I know you are not romantically pairing them together. But, they are hilarious together X'D


I understand that for sure! That's happened to me on numerous occasions. And it's not limited to just anime either lol I've tried to start watching television series' before and just stopped for whatever reason. But Bebop was the first anime I ever completed! lol Not the first I watched... but the first I saw all the way through. Yeah I knew it was a monthly manga! Actually the latest chapter came out today! X) I haven't read it yet though!



Wait - what?! A NEW CHAPTER?!! 0w0 Sorry, but I have to go read it before I finish this comment orz.
Okay - read it now. It was awesome!!!! But, lol, Bon has his own flames now. And, as always, Kazue does such lovely artwork for this Manga it's incredible ♥

Anyways, I'm glad someone else has a tendency to do that as well. I always feel a little guilty - knowing that I have a lot of series that I just kind of 'peter out on' and I really should get back to them. Top ones being Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Laggan. And, the first series I ever fully completed. Honestly, I can't remember which one. Maybe Ouran High School Host Club or Welcome To The NHK? Nah - maybe Eureka 7? But, like I said, I don't really remember at all.

Oh, that's right! You haven't started watching it yet! So okay, okay. I'll tell you! Yukio got burned by Rin's flames, which burns his clothes off, and as he walks away and puts on his exorcist jacket - we see black marks on him! And, being Rin's brother, gives me the feeling that Yukio's 'demonic flames' might come out someday. Soooooo, we might be having foreshadowing now *crosses fingers* Turning Yukio into a villain may be an amazing thing!

And, it sure was! And, it's so true, too! XD

XD I still haven't read it! DX /needs to/ Yeah the artwork is beautiful in that manga!

:O Gurren Lagann too? I adored that anime! I own Ouran! LOL It's really cute! X) Not sure I've ever heard Welcome to the NHK though. Eureka 7 is one of the ones I just stopped watching for whatever reason. AND IT WAS COMING ON TELEVISION! LOL That's what's sad..... I had an easy opportunity to watch it and still couldn't finish it.

:O :O :O YOU THINK HE'S GONNA TURN BAD?! Wait... I didn't think he had any flames lol I thought all the devil's flame went to Rin. DX DX DX I DON'T WANT YUKIO TO BE BAD CAUSE THEN SHURA MIGHT HAVE TO KILL HIM OR SOMETHING! /SAD FACE/

Oh my gosh! Then, go read it you silly person! And, heck yes the art is amazing and beautiful! 0w0 ♥

Yes, Gurren Laggan, too. *sigh* Another series distracted me from watching it. Hahahaha. And, I want to get the DVDs, too. But, now on my top top priority list is Ao No Exorcist and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. So, I gotta start collecting stuff from the series, orz and feeding my obsession with AnE, collecting stuff from both shows, and getting all the DVDs from AniplexUSA once they get all the DVDs for both series out. And, I also want to get the Limited Edition AnE DVD Box set 1 from Japan since it has a beautiful limited edition chipboard outer box for DVDs But, 'Welcome To The NHK!' was an amazing series. It was one of those rare series that just grabs me and I have to watch it all the way till the end. And, it had a good theme and craziness. Man, I totally suggest it if you want to watch it! But, it does get a little mature at times, so be wary if you have certain people around that shouldn't watch it or don't want to catch you watching it. lol. Eureka 7 was SO good! I still need to get the DVDs, but I'm collecting the Manga right now and it's awesome. So, you should continue it!

Yeah, according to Shiro et al, Yukio was too weak even as a fetus to inherit Satan's powers. So, Rin ended up being the only one who got them. However, Yukio undertakes daily check-ups to make sure he doesn't have the powers. But, Yukio has never gotten burned by demonic flames, though - until Rin burned his clothes off. So, he might be 'coming of age' or his powers are going to manifest itself and then Yukio will become a demon as well. But, who knows? Right now, it's just all theory. However, starting from this page to the end is making me wonder...


Heh I know where your paychecks are going! XD That's a lot of stuff! I might check the NHK one out. I like different things. I'm not sure I'll ever get back into Eureka 7 though. I DID like the main guy with the grey hair and the chick with the star tattoo... I think it was a star anyway... I wanted to know more about their story. Because I gathered that she was in love with him... but I honestly can't remember much. LOL

So wait... was it just his clothes that got burned? OR his body too? I think it would be a little sad if they ended up on opposite sides considering how much Rin loves his bro.

Okay! So - I'm sure you have read it by now. What did you think? Was it good? How did you like it? c:

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh - you know what happens when Anime fans start collecting stuff. We just can't stop! lol And, well, a lot of awesome things are coming out as well And, you should definitely check out W.T.T.NHK! It's very different, but in a good way, ya know? As it is, I should re-watch it - I don't remember a single thing from it really. lol. And...who are those people? I believe.....ugh. I give up *looks up on Wikipedia* Holland and Talho! That's their names. And, I guess Talho actually found out Holland was sincerely committed to her in the middle of the series and then eventually becomes pregnant with his child. So, it was pretty serious.

It was his clothes - at least, Rin says "Hey - At least I only burned off your clothes!". Or, something to that affect. But, as I thought, it may be very sad. But, it would make for excellent drama for the series and such. But, know knows until it actually happens, right?

Yeeessss I read it! XD It was very good! I'm so glad Bon got to talk to his dad! 8D That made me so happy!

Ooooooooooooooh she had a baby with him?! That's insane! Does Holland die?

Ooooohhh well clothes are flammable! lol So maybe it was nothing. I mean I agree with would add drama to the series BUT I still don't think I want to see it. LOL

Okay - for some reason, I have been trying to reply for, like, 10 minutes and all of them are getting jumbled or something. I don't even know what happened. So, I'll try later or something. Until then....yeah.

LOL yeah I kept trying to reply to the others, but it kept telling me "comment has been deleted"... I DID READ IT THOUGH sooo yeah XD I don't think he will die! I hope he doesn't anyway!

And as far as it being anime... that's the truth! LOL And it probably will happen... but maybe it'll be an instance where they fight, but Rin ends up saving Yukio from the evil side or something! XD

Oh, sorry about that! But, glad you were able to read it after all XDDD;;;
And, I don't think he dies. So, have no fear *pat pat*

That would be nice, acutely. Having Rin save Yukio would be cool.

^_^ No worries! And yeah I'm sure the old guy won't bite it! He and Bon need to have more father-son times for apologies! XD

I agree.... and that would probably be the only way I'd accept Yukio turning to the dark side!

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