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"My Dreams And Tomorrow Are Collapsing"

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*pushes a cup of coffee towards you*
Group Trio
 Well, since it's been FOREVER (...once again) I thought I might as well write another entry. 

Unfortunately.....I have become listless now. I just don't feel like doing anything, I don't have the energy, I get irritated about tons of things, and the list could go one for a while. I have been feeling like this since about my 19th birthday (it just passed this April) and I hate it. I don't even want to go to college anymore, and also feeling the DOOM of having to pay for college myself right after these summer classes end because my Ventura College promise runs up in August. Which, really sucks because then I have to get the BOG waiver/FAFSA and then I will HAVE TO get a job. No questions asked. 
Wanting to move out right now, just passing the time, etc. Urghhhh - bored now. See? *sigh*
..I will edit this at another time. lol. 

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Ah, thank you, alice! That means a lot to me you don't even know :'3

Anyways, yeah, I can do it~!!

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