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(Ramblings) AnimeEXPO 2011 and more.
Group Trio
Well, I am finally getting back into the swing of blogging, eh? Anyways, why would you want to hear about that?! Let's get to the real entry of the day, shall we? 

I am going to AnimeEXPO once again this year. And, I have already bought my 2-day badge for the convention, too. I know that I have never finished my reports for last year's convention, but I am sure that you can imagine what they would include anyways. I am so exited for it! It's going to be a blast. Myself and some of my real life friends will be staying at one of their apartments during the convention and I will be cooking food, too. I can't wait! I still need to save up some money for it, though. *sigh* But, no matter. I will save up a good amount  (or decent at least) and go shopping in the Exhibitor's Hall. I can't wait! I am hunting down figures this year. 

I have a lot of figures that I am wanting now. Now, my figure collecting senses are kicking in and I am seeing everything. So, a tiny medium list that I want to share with you.        

-The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: Nagato Yuki (Exclusive) by Kyoto Animtaion 
-figma Nodoka Manabe (Limited + Exclusive) by Max Factory
-figma Ui Hirasawa (Limited + Exclusive) by Max Factory 
-figma Hatsune Miku by Max Factory 
-figma Kagami Hiiragi Cosplay ver. by Max Factory

And, that's about it really. I want them SOOOOO badly. They look so amazing. Especially Yuki Nagato *_____*

The earthquake in Japan is so horrible I can't even imagine it. I feel so awful about it and how the Japanese are hurting right now. However, I have discussed about this outside of LiveJournal so much that I am just going to copy and paste what I wrote on some forums already. 

----Begin Pasting

It's so devastating and tragic! And, where I live (Southern California) it's on the news 24/7 since 1) We are on an "indefinite" tsunami advisory 2) My family and I live almost right next to the beach. They closed them all off all down the coast, but Santa Monica is reopening it's pier and beach as I type. So, I guess it's getting better from my house. But - but - I am still so saddened. Of course for all of my precious Anime and Manga things, but just thinking of those hundreds of lives that are now lost in the rubble that once was there homes and still escalating. AND, on my local news they reported at least 600 people missing. Not including the 500 that lost their lives. The Japanese authorities are still cleaning it up and getting everyone safe, too. So, who KNOWS what the ending numbers are going to be *doesn't even want to think about it* But, I know everything will slow down and then they can rebuild and be okay once again. It's just going to take a lot of time. Did you see the tsunami's that practically destroyed farmland around the coast?! It's just all so tragic and even the Prime Minister went unto TV and talked (our news didn't show much of his speech). I am just thinking of those people that had tried to drive faster then the tsunami and got engulfed by all of that water. And the FLAMES that started to erupt from oil rigs that were damaged. Also, did you know that Japanese scientists are going to put radioactive vapors in the air to combat the black soot and smoke from those oil rigs?!

Oh, and if you are worried about your favorite seiyuu and Anime/Manga industry personnel and such, AnimeNewsNetwork is working around the clock to find the people who have "checked in" and say they are completely safe and sound here.

End Pasting----

So, that's about it! I was thinking of other topics I could be talking about here in RAMBLING, but in the end I cannot. So, I leave with a smile on my face and feverishly finding conformations that Katsushiro Otomo is alright and is safe. Take care! ♥♥♥ 



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