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I'm leaving LJ forever
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Hey, all.

It's been almost 10 months since I put my last post on here and commented/replied to someone here, too.

So, I think since this is my.......third? fourth? fifth?........time randomly leaving and not doing anything, it's time I finally leave for good. I doubt I have a friend's list anymore (when did I? lol) and people on my friend's list who I truuuuuuuly cared about have been leaving, have been inactive for months or a year and even some deleting their blogs. The one I most cared about left her blog blank with a message that if you wanted to contact her still you could go there. But, didn't say anything about where it is. So, yeah.

Tumblr seems to be the way to go, and, I agree, it's a lot better then here now. I honestly think that it's just like here but funner.

Anyways, some of my stuff here (pictures for the mood theme mostly) is also getting "exceeded bandwidth" messages and such. It's a mess here. So, I'm dropping it.

My job is going well, so, that's good. Finally going to be starting to get paid hourly soon after 8 months being an Intern at the company most likely. And, I'm going to be saving up for a car after my first paycheck and finally get my driver's license. I'll go back to college either Fall or Winter/Spring semester - I guess I'll just be doing general ed stuff until I think of what I really want to do since I've come to an impasse since my absence here. Or, work might offer me full time and I'll take their offer. Ummmm, after I finish community college and/or getting full time at work I might finally move out of my parent's house for good. Either by going to university or having a full time job and being a roommate with two of my best friends. After that, get a career and gear up for the rest of my life.

And, that's what I'm going to be basically doing for the rest of my life, in case you wanted to know.

So, yeah. Thanks LJ, you helped me vent for a very long time but now it's time I let Tumblr do that and have fun at the same time. And, for my friend's list, thanks for being there once in a blue moon. I hardly talked to any of you, but, I want to say thanks to and for the people that I really did talk to for a very long time.

You can find me on Tumblr HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE. I mean, if you want to keep in touch with me that is.

And, well, goodbye all. It's been fun <3

Usagi Drop (Manga) review
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Author&Mangaka: Unita, Yumi

Number of Volumes and Chapters: 9 volumes, 56 chapters

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice-Of-Life, Josei

Synopsis: Daikichi Kawachi is a simple 30-year-old salary man and single bachelor living in Japan. His appearance makes children slink away from him and can't seem to get a girlfriend even when he tries his hardest. After years of moving out of his parent's house and moving into a relative's empty home, he finally hears from his family after such a long time - that his grandfather, Souichi Kaga, has passed away. Almost reluctantly, as it seemed to be out of respect for his late-grandfather, he returns to his parent's house for the awaiting funeral processions. However, when he finally arrives, he meets a 6-year-old girl named Rin in the family garden that he's never seen before. Quick as a flash, she runs away in embarrassment. Later, as he questions his Mother who he saw, his Mother replies "That little girl you saw - apparently, she's grandpa's illegitimate daughter". Daikichi is beyond belief and floored that his 79-year-old grandfather had one last daughter before he died. However, it turns out that Rin has become orphaned due to his death and the entire family is dishonored to have Rin in the family line and do not want anything to do with her. In a fit of rage due to his family's cruel judgment towards Rin, Daikichi ops to take care of the newly-orphaned girl by himself. The series then kicks off as Daikichi and Rin learn to live with one another, learn how to properly take care of a child from scratch, create a strong bond, learn to deal with other parents, learn how to have patience, be aware of your surroundings and much more. 

"I'll hold you even when you become an old granny - if that's what you want."Collapse )

Final Score: 6.5 out of 10. 

Puuurty new account! & some updates for you
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  Well, yes, I have a shiny new account! Isn't it wonderful? I couldn't stand how my account started to look. All drab and such. Plus, I have been having the same look for well over a year or two. So, it was overdue for a MAJOR overhaul, don't you think? c:

Anyways, what I have changed is:

-starting to go with an Ao No Exorcist&Elegant White theme
-completely updated my profile (user info)
-added a side bar with links, calender, and blurb
-edited my page & journal titles
-made my own pretty banner for my user info
-got a brand new layout thanks to silentevocation

But, still working on my own mood theme orz *sigh*

So, yep. I hope everyone (especially my f-list) likes what I've changed about it now ❤

  And, now for some updates. I have gotten a new kitten! He's just like my two-year-old cat, but, instead of a gray and white tabby/Norwegian Forest Cat, he's an orange and white tabby. It seems really silly, but, I've honestly always wanted an orange cat. Don't know why - just did. Socrates is the gray and white one, while Orion is the orange and white one. Unfortunately, though, they are not getting along as much as I would like. But, I think they're getting better at least. So, it's a start I guess, right? Also, I guess I might have missed getting classes for the Fall semester - possibly. S**T.  My new job has distarcted me, and I also have had a hold on my account for some time so I can't even register for classes until I get it dealt with and I completely forgot about it. So, I need to stop procrastinating and see if I can still get something in terms of classes. But, I'm not TOO worried about it. Bleh. Anyways, I'm getting bored right now so I'm going to be writing a review for Usagi Drop (Manga) because it's bugging me and I do want to write a review since the last one I did is pretty old now. And, well, I feel like it. Hahaha. As well, the video store down the street from my house is now going out of buisness so the owner, who's been living inside the used-to-be porno section for months now thanks to the divorce from his wife, is selling the ENTIRE contents of his store. Every game, VHS, and DVD. Old DVDs are only $3 and newer ones are $7. I know for a fact he has Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, a DVD set of Ghost In The Shell S.A.C, and Metropolis. So, I'm going to go there tomorrow and pick up at least Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence and Metropolis while me and my Dad are out doing errands. I am going to look for more, of course, but those are my goals for tomorrow. 

  Well, that's about it. So. if anyone wants to talk, go ahead and comment below! See you later~

Ahhhhhhhh man - awesome things that I can't get to!
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Well, according to the official  ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D website and a certain person over at aonoexorcist who freaking has tickets for free and is offering someone to go with them, ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D is having a concert in Shibuya tomorrow and it should be amazing!! However, keyword  - Shibuya. You know? Japan. *sigh* I would never even dream of getting to Japan in the next couple months, but tomorrow is just out of the question. I guess I'll just go unto YouTube and watch some videos of their PVs over there and try to find some of concerts and watch as my spirit is crushed for a while.

Don't Know Who They Are? Well - Watch below!Collapse )

So, oh well. Maybe someday, like at AnimeEXPO perhaps, I can actually go to one of their concerts and it will be epic! I mean - at AX2011, I watched: Hatsune Miku, Kalafina, and Nirgilis. So, why not next year or sometime after that, right? c':

Anyways, this is pretty much the only little 'rant' I wanted to randomly post. Because, well, it's so amazing and there's no definite possibility that the band will even come here to America - and, AnimeEXPO for that matter. But, it's nice to dream, right?

P.S: Can you believe that the person giving out the free ticket can't even find someone to go with them? Unbelievable!

So..........yeah. Boredom, anyone?
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Well, I was editing this post, because the title was too long and messing up the title, and then all of the sudden got jumbled by various HTML codes that shouldn't have even been there in the first place. Or, that were randomly added and stuff. So, everything is a mess orz. I will eventually fix it, but, until then - I'm just putting it under an LJ-cut because it's really bad D:

A Post About Figures, SAILORMOONRED1, and boredom that -unfortunately- got eaten by LJCollapse )

*whistles* Updates?! And - Ao No Exorcist Has Taken Over My Life?!
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 I don't know if it's the song I'm listening to (A-Ha : Take On Me) or if I'm just getting into a good mood (finally!) again, but - I'm just really giggly and happy. I guess it was just a really calm day and the awesomeness that is 80s music&music videos ='3
Anyways, klnfglkgdlgkjdglkfj - GOT A JOB. FINALLY. ♥ That has been bugging me for at least a frickin' year now....ever since I started college I think. I'm pretty sure at least. Anyways, it feels really awesome to have my own desk at work and also to have people recognize my existence to help me learn everything I need to know until I get a hang of building the products&parts in the lab and also be able to test everything for accuracy, correct productivity, and just generaly before it gets shipped to their respective companies since I'm such a derp&n00b there right now. Haha. But, now, seriously - this is a HUGE deal for me. I was so ecstatic when I as taken into the CEOs office and offered an internship - my heart fluttered and all I could do was nod my head in aggreement and answer in small sentences. I was so surprised and happy! So, after my internship, I will become a full employee in the company! I even have a desk already and it's been confirmed that if I fully complete my internship, which I am determined to, then I might be the companies' "technical writer" and "electronics technician" (I write manuals for all of our equipment so that when we send them out they will have everything they need to know and our copyright information and then also build our equipment as well). So, ubbbbbber exited x100. You guys have no idea how much this takes off of my chest! I literally feel so much better it's not even funny. So, in conclusion - wish me luck as I go to work and my internship, yes? c:
And, college is starting back up on the 22nd. Ohhhhhhhhhh joy! *sarcasm intended* While it is no secret [at least to people who know me irl] that I took the summer off this year for some rest&relaxation. I really needed it, and with the new job/internship secured, I feel ready to get back to the books and going to classes again. I was just so tired and annoyed at everything that I needed some "me time" once again. And, well, I got it. So, yay! I need to sign up for the classes soon, though. lol. I also don't feel like a sloth anymore, too...
Finally - yeah. Ao No Exorcist has taken over my life. After the utter horrific and terrible ending to Keroro Gunso - which, leaves me so disappointed I don't even want to bother explaining it because it will bring sad&painful memories - I needed a new Anime&Manga to oggle at and idolize as a great series. I came across Ao No Exorcist in the spring Anime 'catalog' last year and I was intrigued by the promotional picture the creator decided to put on there - a render of this picture of the main characters. I was honestly intrigued by Rin's character and the storyline - a son of Satan? Wanting to kill his own father and also exorcise his own kind by becoming an Exorcist himself? I loved it, and the artwork was good. So, I researched and eventually started reading the Manga. And, it was good! Excellent in fact! Then, the Anime came and more chapter and episodes came and now I effin' love it will all my heart ❤
 Anyways, if you haven't seen or read this series yet shame on you because you'll absolutely love it and it's so good it'll be a breath of fresh-air from the series of today then here are some lovely links for you to watch and read it (plus some little goodies as well). I guarantee you'll love it or at least like some aspect of it all =3
~Official Japanese Site! 
P.S: In love with RinXShiemi right now. After chapter 26 and episode 16, I really think they have a chance now! I love it - lol. And, they have a lot of cute pictures on PhotoBucket now ^w^ but watch out for yaoi themes and -esque pictures. Rin making out with Bon and Shima. lol. 

P.S.S: I am working on a project right now. All I will say is mood theme

*pushes a cup of coffee towards you*
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 Well, since it's been FOREVER (...once again) I thought I might as well write another entry. 

Unfortunately.....I have become listless now. I just don't feel like doing anything, I don't have the energy, I get irritated about tons of things, and the list could go one for a while. I have been feeling like this since about my 19th birthday (it just passed this April) and I hate it. I don't even want to go to college anymore, and also feeling the DOOM of having to pay for college myself right after these summer classes end because my Ventura College promise runs up in August. Which, really sucks because then I have to get the BOG waiver/FAFSA and then I will HAVE TO get a job. No questions asked. 
Wanting to move out right now, just passing the time, etc. Urghhhh - bored now. See? *sigh*
..I will edit this at another time. lol. 

(Ramblings) AnimeEXPO 2011 and more.
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Well, I am finally getting back into the swing of blogging, eh? Anyways, why would you want to hear about that?! Let's get to the real entry of the day, shall we? 

I am going to AnimeEXPO once again this year. And, I have already bought my 2-day badge for the convention, too. I know that I have never finished my reports for last year's convention, but I am sure that you can imagine what they would include anyways. I am so exited for it! It's going to be a blast. Myself and some of my real life friends will be staying at one of their apartments during the convention and I will be cooking food, too. I can't wait! I still need to save up some money for it, though. *sigh* But, no matter. I will save up a good amount  (or decent at least) and go shopping in the Exhibitor's Hall. I can't wait! I am hunting down figures this year. 

I have a lot of figures that I am wanting now. Now, my figure collecting senses are kicking in and I am seeing everything. So, a tiny medium list that I want to share with you.        

-The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: Nagato Yuki (Exclusive) by Kyoto Animtaion 
-figma Nodoka Manabe (Limited + Exclusive) by Max Factory
-figma Ui Hirasawa (Limited + Exclusive) by Max Factory 
-figma Hatsune Miku by Max Factory 
-figma Kagami Hiiragi Cosplay ver. by Max Factory

And, that's about it really. I want them SOOOOO badly. They look so amazing. Especially Yuki Nagato *_____*

The earthquake in Japan is so horrible I can't even imagine it. I feel so awful about it and how the Japanese are hurting right now. However, I have discussed about this outside of LiveJournal so much that I am just going to copy and paste what I wrote on some forums already. 

----Begin Pasting

It's so devastating and tragic! And, where I live (Southern California) it's on the news 24/7 since 1) We are on an "indefinite" tsunami advisory 2) My family and I live almost right next to the beach. They closed them all off all down the coast, but Santa Monica is reopening it's pier and beach as I type. So, I guess it's getting better from my house. But - but - I am still so saddened. Of course for all of my precious Anime and Manga things, but just thinking of those hundreds of lives that are now lost in the rubble that once was there homes and still escalating. AND, on my local news they reported at least 600 people missing. Not including the 500 that lost their lives. The Japanese authorities are still cleaning it up and getting everyone safe, too. So, who KNOWS what the ending numbers are going to be *doesn't even want to think about it* But, I know everything will slow down and then they can rebuild and be okay once again. It's just going to take a lot of time. Did you see the tsunami's that practically destroyed farmland around the coast?! It's just all so tragic and even the Prime Minister went unto TV and talked (our news didn't show much of his speech). I am just thinking of those people that had tried to drive faster then the tsunami and got engulfed by all of that water. And the FLAMES that started to erupt from oil rigs that were damaged. Also, did you know that Japanese scientists are going to put radioactive vapors in the air to combat the black soot and smoke from those oil rigs?!

Oh, and if you are worried about your favorite seiyuu and Anime/Manga industry personnel and such, AnimeNewsNetwork is working around the clock to find the people who have "checked in" and say they are completely safe and sound here.

End Pasting----

So, that's about it! I was thinking of other topics I could be talking about here in RAMBLING, but in the end I cannot. So, I leave with a smile on my face and feverishly finding conformations that Katsushiro Otomo is alright and is safe. Take care! ♥♥♥ 


(Anime Talk) Sometimes guilty pleasure can go a loooooong way....
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Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt 

       I have just recently got introduced to this Anime thanks to the lovely people over at the KPHQ. Now, I am on episode 9 of it and I plan on watching more (*cough*andwatchingitasitypethis*cough*). And, I am already filing this Anime as NSFW (Not meant for people under 13 years old) and a definite guilty pleasure. Now, honestly, I was very skeptical to watch this at first. I waited for weeks to actually watch the first episode proper. I had already heard of how "mature" (in the bad sense) that it was and the animation style. I saw videos of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt on YouTube, but they were just clips and nothing more than that. I wasn't going to get spoiled of anything that is possibly going to happen later. When I finally did watch the first episode, the thing that stuck out the most for me was it's brilliant soundtrack. I cannot deny that I am head over heals for it's soundtrack in general. Especially "Fly Away" by TeddyLoid. It's soundtrack reminds me of America's newer songs that are receiving smash hits. Most specifically Ke$ha, with her severely auto tuned and techno pop songs and even down to the lyrics as this Anime pushes the boundaries of what's decent to show on television and what is just too much above and beyond and leaves my sex conservative American mind going "Woah - slow down there. Wait - WHAT was just shown? How did that get past the censors?!". From male sperm soldiers trying to get out of their condom prison to Panty's dream of having sex with 1,000 Earth males before her and Stocking go back to heaven to mecha-Transformer referencing condoms and dildos fighting on opposite ends of the battlefield to Panty and Stocking and various other people using sex toys to fight off zombies. Yes - I just said all of that. Now, just let it sink in for a while. Better now? Okay, let's continue. I am also surprised that there is SO much of American slang terms and cuss words used in this Anime. Seriously, just this entire Anime would make the FCC's eyes bleed and hands burn from how much there is of mature content. And, I am only on episode 9. I wonder how much more I am going to be succumbed to? Who knows? But, I am going to have a damn good time doing it. Anyways, I am going to be giving a little background on the main characters and story so far.

Synopsis - Daten City, based on the phrase 'datenshi (堕天使)' in Japanse literally meaning 'Fallen Angel', is the scourge of world and where people are constantly bombarded with evil spirits and pressure of the word around them whilst living in between Heaven and Hell. Up in heaven, God and his many disciples became angry that the Anarchy sisters have such bad morals and bad behavior for the angels of heaven to be having that they literally kick them out of Heaven and order them to collect 'heaven coins' from fighting and defeating 'ghosts' with their angelic powers in order for them to come back. While chaos ensues with the sisters, it's up to Reverend Garterbelt to shape them up and be their mentor and conscience plus get them on track to have them be able to return to Heaven. 

Panty - The older of the two 'Anarchy Sisters'. She has an affinity for sex and fashion, and is seen in every episode doing something gratuitous or having sex with another man that happens to be handsome or dashing. It almost comes to the point of having an addiction for sex. As well, angels of heaven are able to transform any object of their choosing into holy weapons to defeat 'ghosts' (evil spirits) and receive heaven coins, so Panty uses her panties to form her gun Backlace. The animators conceal her private area with her hair 90% of the time when she transforms her panties. 

Stocking - The younger of the two. She's a gothic girl with extremely long hair. She enjoys fashion, but not to the point of Panty. She is quite often seen with her stuffed animal cat "Honekoneko" ('Bony cat'). When Panty has an addiction for sex, Panty has an unnatural addiction for sweets. She goes to the point of pre-ordering cakes before they come out and trying ice cream the day it arrives at the new ice cream shop. Her stockings transform into katanas, but when the battle heats up she takes both off and forms dual katanas. During her actions within the show, she has shown signs that she is actually 'too kinky to torture'. Enjoying bondage and electrocution is just the two so far. 

Chuck - The Anarchy sisters pet zipper-dog. He's the one who takes most of the sister's violence anywhere they go. Being electrocuted and crushed is just two forms of abuse he sees in every episode. He also drives the sister's Humvee See-Through when they aren't driving it or in the middle of a ghost battle. He's been deemed the 'woobie' in a sort of sense and closely related to the characters Kenny from South Park and Gir from Invader Zim. 

Garterbelt - The sister's guardian on Earth and their main role model (to an extent) while they are forced to live in Daten City. He's African with large pink lips, a very large afro and his clothes are pure white with a red stole which is embroidered with two white crosses on each side. It is hinted throughout that he is homosexual and more than enjoys the company of young males. He gets very frustrated with the sisters, and has only cussed one time. Even with his many quirks and things wrong with him, he is acutely the most sane of any of the cast and really does try to get them back on track so they can return to Heaven. However, he is the most unknown out of anyone as of yet (on episode 10, mind you). 

Well, so you have a back story on the most important and main characters as of yet, right? Well, how about the entire show? Who in the hell though of this? Well, the production team was literally on vacation for rest and relaxation from Gurren Laggan and had one too many beers plus some Sake and started thinking of ideas for the show under humorous discussion. The show that really had made this crude was cited by Hiromi Wakabayashi on the trip and admitted to it being none other than the controversial American cartoon Drawn Together. All of the content for the show was made on the trip, but literally the names 'Panty' and 'Stocking' were coined at the actual first meeting of the crew. WOW. So, an entire Anime was made by people who were drinking on vacation and had one too many? That is why it's.....thiis way. Plus, I have seen Drawn Together - there's some MESSED UP stuff on that show. So, I have an entire new look on this Anime. I can take it as not being that serious. Okay, good. 

Anyways, many people have different preferences. Me? Give me a good Sci-Fi/Mecha/Action/Shounen Anime and I am good to go. I absolutely love those kind. But, what made me keep watching this? Well, the soundtrack. That's what drew me in. The opening sequence, to me, is just amazing. I have no idea why, either. Take a look and listen for yourself.

Unfortunately, though, my guilty pleasure only goes so much before I am feeling bad about myself. And, this Anime makes me feel that way. I literally only watched about 8 episodes of Drawn Together and I have never seen it again. And, personally, I don't want to. This Anime, though, doesn't make me want to do that. However, I am still reluctant to show my actual family this because there is soooooo much mature content in it because of those inappropriate jokes and cuss words and sex. And, my meter is starting to run low, actually. I am going to be continuing this Anime no doubt. But, I am not in a hurry to get through every episode either. And, yes, guilt pleasure goes a looong ways for me. I am still wanting to watch this, though. I am very much enjoying it and it's soundtrack gives me eargasms. Because, it's that good. And, that is the only Anime next to Kuroshitsuji that I am thinking "Wow - now THAT'S a soundtrack". 

And, one final note. Everyone has their different tastes and quirks. I am a Sci-Fi freak, but this Anime is growing on me like a fine wine or something. In the beginning it's really bitter but as you get through it and taste it it's really good and you enjoy it's company. I guess that's just what everyone has to do with Panty And Stocking with Garterbelt. Just let it grow on you. Because, it's working for me. In the beginning, I really didn't like it. But, now I am going to be watching all of it. What do you know? XD 

Anywayyyyys, screencaps below for your enjoyment. Remember, this show is inappropriate at times. 

Pictures under this [fake] cutCollapse )


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